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Some information on the conference


Brazil demands VISA from those nationals whose government asks Brazilians a visa to enter their country. A tourist visa should be available within three hours, one pass port photo, and a return air ticket (or a letter of the travel agent, that you do have one).


There are plenty of banks with ordinary working hours. They all change dollars and get you cash from credit cards. For traveler cheques, they will charge you a commission. It might be best to take some cash dollars along and change as much as you want at the airport in Sao Paulo. You might have to ask around where you might be able to change traveler cheques and or get cash from your credit card. Do not get discouraged, when on bank clerk tells you that you can not use certain brands of credit cards or traveler cheques: the airport is quiet extensive and competition fierce... In the hotel in Ilheus, you are able to use your credit card.


You have to check your local doctor of what they recommend you to do to go to the atlantic forest. Make sure, to bring along the yellow health certificate, where all your shots are listed.

We will stay in a well maintained hotel with AC, which should not pose any health risks, neither from water nor from stray mosquitoes. Long sleeved, light clothes for the evenings will help to prevent mosquito bites as well - otherwise shorts and T-shirts are at its best.

For the visits to CEPEC and its experimental forest, and the two optional excursions, use again long sleeved clothes and bring your mosquito repellent of choice - we will have some other highly efficient at hand otherwise. During and after the conference, we will plan all the field trips during day time to minimize the chance of mosquito encounters...

Food is simple and straight forward. We will provide at breakfast and dinner or/and lunch buffet, which should include some meat, fish and vegetarian dish. For those wishing to tats local cuisine, we will be able to arrange that. We will have on or the parties outside the hotel, where you might experience this cuisine. If you have any special requirements, please let us known beforehand, so that we can arrange it.

Bring along your bathing suites. The conference and the facilities are very casual, so ties are rather an obscure object...


It's the rainy season in Ilheus during the conference. Normally, this means, that there is some rain during night time, and the temperature is rather cool. It's not as bad as in Sao Paulo, where temperature around 10degree Celsius might be hit, but it is still comfortable to have a swim in the sea. Bring however a sweat shirt for the cooler evenings.


Jardim Atlantico, The hotel where we will live and have the conference, is on the beach, south of the city of Ilheus, along the road to Olivenca. The hotel includes a first class conference facility, and all the necessary ingredients for a successful, busy workshop. The local current is either 110V or 220V.

The address is: Jardim Atlantico, Cx Postal 398, Cep 45650-000, Ilheus, BA, Brazil. Fax: 055 73 632 2223, phone 73 632 2222. email will be either or We hope, that at the time of the conference, we will have a direct line using delabies address.


The conference will be held within the hotel compound in a modern, spacious conference hall. Slide projector and overhead projector will be available. Probably a LCD display, and PC and Macs will be available as well.


A transport from and to the airport if provided by the Hotel - watch out for the respective minibus. A list of the arrival of the participants will be provided to the hotel, so that they make sure, to be at the airport. The Hotel is somewhat out of town. There are several ways to get from and to the city from the hotel. Inquire within the hotel. The transport to CEPEC and during the optional excursions is organized locally.


The in and outbound fligths to Ilheus are normally on schedule. In conjunction with a connecting international flight, the local airline will grant you additional overweight. On a regular flight from and to Ilheus, you are allowed 20kg of luggage. Each additional kg will be charged at a rate of about $3/kg.


During the first evening, we will have a short introduction to the history of the city, the natural history as well as the actual threat of the atlantic forest and its causes by one of its foremost conservationists. The city itself does not include more than twenty thousand inhabitants, and despite its planned golden age due to tourism, it is still waiting for that - and we do have the profit of it...

For general information and the botanical side of the Atlantic forest and on the sites we will visit (CEPEC, Cerro Grande and Una) is summarized in the two web sites.

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