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Hymenoptera Authors Database

Choose the first letter of the last name of a person from the list, select an option by pressing a single button in the table that follows, then press the submit button.

An increasing number of publications are available online, either as single pdf document (listed at the end of the citation), or single page pdf, linked to directly from the HNS. In case of single text publications, access is only provided to the first page. To retrieve the subsequent pages, change in the status bar the last for digits of the file name to correspond with the respective page number desired. For example, to retrieve page 122 from the Fauna Centrali Americana, change the URL of the first page, 8170_0001.pdf to 8170_0122.pdf, and the respective page will appear.

Copyright wavers for publications are recent publications are obtained from the authors or the editor of the series or book. All the digital publications may be used for not-for-profit only. For any questions please contact Donat Agosti.

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