Hymenoptera Name Server

Information on the classification of ants

Enter a name within the Taxon search form at the top of the page. You may use wild cards within the name, but not in first position, unless followed by a space and another string. The percent symbol "%" will match any number of characters. The underline symbol "_" will match any single character. The field is not case-sensitive. Avoid entering any empty spaces at the end of your term. If you do not find a particular name, you might try the Hymenoptera On-line Database.

As an example, try entering the name "Formica", "Form%", "Formica rufa", "Formica r%", or "% ruf%". You can also try any other Hymenoptera name, since this database is part of the Hymenoptera Name Server.

The name server allows searches based on the Latin Binomen of species. A table of vernacular or popular names is in preparation, but has the problem that many of those names relate in many cases to different species. An entry is provided for some of the more commonly encountered ants, such as the Pharao's ant, the Argentine ant, the imported fire ant, the little fire ant, Crazy Ant, or big headed ant.

Whenever new taxa (species, genera, etc.) are described and catalogued, they will appear on the New Taxon Notification Page. The page is organized year by year.

The data is updated and maintained by Donat Agosti and Norm Johnson. Any comments and additions are welcome. Please send us copies of your papers including nomenclatorial changes to Donat Agosti, Dalmaziquai 45, 3005 Bern, Switzerland, or e-mail us pdf versions.

If you want to be able to search for vernacular names, please send us a list of them complemented with the respective scientific name(s).

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