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Hymenoptera Authors Database

This database includes the entire references used to describe all existing ant taxa from 1758 to the present. It is part of the Hymenoptera Name Server (HNS) and thus also includes the references for over 110,000 Hymenoptera names recorded in this database.

You can search for a specific author by entering the name directly into the Author search form at the top of this page, or browse alphabetically by last name choosing a letter from the following list and pressing the submit button.

An increasing number of publications are available online, either as single pdf documents (listed at the end of the citation), or as single pdf pages linked directly from the taxon citations within the HNS.


The table of contents, including links to downloads, is now available for:

About the pdf documents on this digital library

The scanning of the documents was partially supported by a grant from the Atherton Seidall Foundation at the Smithsonian Institution, and a mirror site will be available in the near future at the Smithsonian Institution.

Copyright wavers for recent publications are obtained from the authors or the editor of the series or book. All the digital publications may be used for non-profit porpuses only. For any questions please contact Donat Agosti.

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